Last year was tough for the global oil industry as the COVID-19 pandemic and an ongoing oil supply glut rocked petroleum-dependent emerging economies, notably in South America, to their core. Oil companies around the world were forced to slash spending, shutter operations, and even look to restructuring balance sheets to survive. While the latest oil price rally, triggered by Saudi Arabia’s surprise one million barrels per day production cut has provided relief for many, Argentina and national oil company YPF are still struggling with the fallout. Even before the pandemic, Latin America’s third-largest economy was facing another financial crisis. Former President Macri’s reformist agenda and pro-business policies had failed, inflation was spiraling out of control and the Argentine peso had rapidly devalued. That triggered yet another fiscal crisis for Buenos Aires which forced Macri in 2018 to seek a bailout from the IMF. His administration ultimately received a $57 […]