ARPA-E released $10 million in funding for 6 projects as part of the Connecting Aviation By Lighter Electrical Systems ( CABLES ) topic. CABLES is one of a set of projects supported by an ongoing funding opportunity for a range of the most innovative and unconventional ideas across the energy technology spectrum, exploring high-risk R&D that could lead to the development of disruptive technologies. The projects selected under this opportunity and associated topics are not part of an existing ARPA-E program, but if successful could establish a new program area for ARPA-E to explore further. CABLES teams will develop medium-voltage (> 10 kV) power distribution cables, connectors, and circuit breakers for fully-electrical aviation applications. Future all-electric, twin-aisle aircraft will require more than 50 MW of power distribution capability; the targeted outcome of this topic is to enable megawatt scale distribution with minimal impact on weight while maintaining the high […]