Larry Fink There’s now an overwhelming consensus behind zeroing-out emissions to slow down global warming. Nine of the 10 largest economies will soon align behind this goal, once President Joe Biden resets U.S. climate policy. The single-largest shareholder on the planet, BlackRock Inc., has likewise put its $8.7 trillion heft behind a powerful message to chief executives everywhere: The decades ahead will be defined by minimizing emissions, requiring an overhaul to everyone’s business models. Rebooting global capitalism depends on new—and clear—operating instructions. A close reading of recent climate imperatives from two global heavyweights, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink and President Xi Jinping of China, shows just how tricky terminology can be. For two years in a row, the central theme of Fink’s “ Dear CEO ” letter has been climate change. His latest message, released at the end of January, breaks new ground by instructing companies to develop climate-compatible business […]