As Trinidad and Tobago continue to explore for major oil and gas fields in the Caribbean region, the Bahamas Petroleum Co. has made a non-commercial oil discovery. While Trinidad and Tobago have focused on natural gas for the last two decades, the country’s oil industry has been developing steadily. In 2020, the country’s third-largest oil producer Trinity Exploration & Production increased production by 7 percent to 3,226 bpd . This figure is expected to reach around 4,000 bpd by 2023. Trinity Exploration & Production’s executive chairman, Bruce Dingwall, explained of Trinidad’s oil industry, “[There is a] huge reserve base and not many players and I think you’ll see some structural change in Trinidad over the next few years”. In 2016, Trinidad and Tobago had 728 million barrels of proven crude oil reserves. With output levels of between 55-60,000 bpd throughout 2020 , Trinidad managed to maintain its pre-pandemic levels […]