The Michelin Group recently signed a transport commitment with the French shipping line NEOLINE . NEOLINE’s decarbonized shipping service relies on wind energy as the main propulsion for its 136m cargo ships with 4200 m 2 of sails. The transport commitment signed by Michelin concerns the transport of tires loaded in containers from Halifax (Canada) to Saint-Nazaire – Montoir de Bretagne (France) on the pilot line opened by NEOLINE, which will also serve the archipelago of Saint Pierre and Miquelon, as well as Baltimore. NEOLINE plans to open its transatlantic line with a first operating vessel in 2023. With the arrival of a second vessel, scheduled a year later, the Michelin group will gradually entrust NEOLINE with at least 50% of the group’s containers transported on this line. The NEOLINER will feature a hybrid auxilliary drive system comprising a controllable-pitch propeller with a 4000 kW main engine fueled by […]