“Come and invest into India’s energy sector”. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s words, pronounced at the inauguration of a new gas pipeline on February 17th, sent a clear message : the country’s energy landscape is undergoing fundamental transformations and will seek to attract foreign investors. After the Covid-19 crisis ravaged the country and caused massive disruptions in local industries, India is slowly getting back on its feet. With the promise of double-digit economic growth in 2021, India is set to become the world’s largest energy consumer – particularly for fossil fuels – along with China – in the coming years. Indian energy demand is expected to grow by some 3% per annum until 2030, the Minister of Oil and Gas Dharmendra Pradhan said at the 11th IEF-IEA-OPEC Symposium on energy outlooks. To power this dynamic growth, Modi outlined the objective of a “gas-fired economy”, under which the share of […]