Oil prices have fallen back below $60 but remain at levels not seen since January 2020. In this week’s Global Energy Alert , our investing team breaks down the best way to trade the Texas freeze. Sign up today to get breaking news, expert analysis, and trading tips. Friday, February 19th, 2021 The Texas electricity crisis is easing, but the outages, damage, and human toll were historic. As of Friday morning, Texas grid operator ERCOT said that it would be emerging from “emergency conditions” later in the day. After a crazy week, WTI fell just a bit but held onto gains close to $60, a price not seen since January 2020. Texas outage eases. As of Tuesday, around 45 gigawatts of electricity generation from renewables, coal, and natural gas were offline. More than 4 million people lost power. By Friday, most of those people saw power restored. The crisis […]