Renewable energy ally and fossil fuel foe Jennifer Granholm was confirmed by the U.S. Senate on Thursday to lead the Department of Energy by a 64/35 vote. The former Governor of Michigan will serve as Biden’s Secretary of Energy and will no doubt back Biden’s play to support his green agenda, which eyes a shift to clean energy in the United States by 2050. Granholm has opposed the Keystone XL pipeline, which President Biden wasted no time in canceling. She also opposed the Dakota Access pipeline, which had to bite and claw its way into operation, and a supporter of clean energy in general. Granholm is a perfect fit for President Biden’s ambitious clean energy initiatives, and has garnered the support of climate activists. She is, however, no friend to the oil and gas industries. According to Granholm, pipelines facilitate the generation of fossil fuels, and “We ought to […]

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