The fifth World Energy Forum, hosted by the Atlantic Council as part of the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, occurred virtually late last month. In conjunction, Atlantic Council released a first edition of The Global Energy Agenda with results of recent surveys of ‘global energy leaders.’ When asked which carbon-free energy technologies will see the greatest increase in investment in 2021, most respondents (31%) said hydrogen, followed by battery storage (23%), prompting the think tank to suggest that 2021 might be ‘the year of hydrogen.’ Experts and entrepreneurs, speaking on a panel entitled ‘Accelerating the hydrogen economy,’ also expressed cautious enthusiasm. They shared their views on how to move hydrogen from what is a nascent technology to one that works at scale, looking for the tipping points. Molecules vs. electrons Hydrogen is anticipated to be a versatile intermediary in a carbon-free energy system, an energy carrier in the form of […]