All of the oil (C + C) production data for the US state charts comes from the EIAʼs Petroleum Supply monthly PSM . After the production charts, an analysis of three EIA monthly reports that project future US production is provided. The charts below are updated to November 2020 for the 10 largest US oil-producing states. Novemberʼs US production increased by 692 kb/d to 11,124 kb/d from Octoberʼs output of 10,432 kb/d. Novemberʼs increase was largely due to the GOM coming back online after being shut twice because of the October hurricanes. The effects of shutting the GOM can be seen in the November onshore L48 production graph which has been essentially flat since August at 8,959 kb/d, 13 kb/d higher than August. Of the 692 kb/d November increase, the GOM contributed 645 kb/d, 93.2%. RANKING PRODUCTION FROM US OIL STATES […]