H2Pro, a startup founded in Israel in 2019, has raised US$22 million in a funding round from clean energy funds backed by Bill Gates, among others, in order to scale up green hydrogen production, Bloomberg reports . H2Pro aims to enable affordable green hydrogen production at scale, it says , through the use of a proprietary method for producing green hydrogen by splitting water that is over 95 percent efficient, safe, and cost-competitive with fossil-fuel hydrogen. The company’s E-TAC technology with 95 percent efficiency is more efficient than alkaline and Polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) water electrolysis with an energy efficiency of around 70 percent, according to H2Pro. The start-up also estimates that its membrane-free technology would be easy to scale and thus reduce capital expenditures (capex) by half compared to traditional electrolyzers. H2Pro’s technology splits water into hydrogen and oxygen, but hydrogen and oxygen are generated separately in different […]