The digitalization of subsurface information to collect data and improve production techniques could enhance exploration and drilling processes worldwide, led by Egypt. A new project from The Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum and US-based oilfield services company Schlumberger, the Egypt Upstream Gateway (EUG), will digitalize subsurface information and make the data available worldwide through this access point. It aims to provide geological data to enhance drilling and production in the country‚Äôs waters. Taking just one year to build, the EUG is expected to collect over 100 years’ worth of accumulated national onshore and offshore seismic, non-seismic, well-log, production, and additional subsurface data under a single platform, according to a Schlumberger press release. The first-of-its-kind technology in Egypt will use these data to alleviate risk in the exploration of oil across multiple basins. Egypt hopes to lead the way through the digitalization of data to enhance access to information and encourage […]