Europe’s gas grid operators are perfectly placed to kickstart a new market for decarbonized gas – apart from the small detail of regulation that prevents them controlling both supply and transmission assets. Silvia Favasuli examines a new conundrum for EU energy regulation. From Spain’s Enagas to Portugal’s Galp to Italy’s Snam, European gas transmission system operators are planning moves beyond their traditional activities, eyeing active participation in decarbonized gas production projects. Several TSOs have already signed preliminary deals to develop large hydrogen production projects and invest in biomethane facilities. Among the initiatives, Spain’s large-scale hydrogen production project stands out. Named HyDeal Ambition, it involves the participation of 30 European companies including energy suppliers, renewable technology developers and five TSOs, including Spain’s incumbent, Enagas. The others are Snam, Germany’s OGE, and France’s GRTgaz and Terega. These forays into decarbonized gas are generally still at an early stage but could test […]