Russian energy behemoth Gazprom has dominated the country’s gas sector for decades. Other companies, such as Rosneft, have tried (and failed) convincing the Kremlin to provide a leveled playing field under equal conditions. Especially, Gazprom’s control of the gas infrastructure and monopoly concerning exports through pipelines has maintained the giant’s domestic position. Novatek’s success, however, in developing the massive Yamal LNG project has created much-needed diversification for the Russian energy industry. Although Moscow has made it clear that it intends to become a top producer of LNG, the reality is that many consumers are looking for ways to curb emissions. Especially the changing requirements of consumers concerning sustainability is becoming an existential threat for the Russian energy industry. Novatek, Russia’s LNG pioneer, is now also the first to change course and adjust to the demands of the market. The Yamal LNG project is a major success as it was […]