The prototype of the device meant to stave off climate devastation looks like a shipping container wrapped in vibrant green Venetian blinds. Fans atop this shell are designed to draw air into the device, where a honeycomblike structure full of proprietary chemicals extracts carbon dioxide from the air, removing an ever-so-slight bit of planet-warming gas from the atmosphere. Climate scientists call this technology direct-air capture . It’s basically an air filter for the Earth. Global Thermostat, the New York-based company that created this green box, told reporters it would be able to suck about 4,000 tons of CO₂ out of the air per year. The company is one of just three around the world with direct-air capture technology that seems to have a shot at capturing carbon on a vast scale. Scientists say that to prevent catastrophic climate impacts, it might be necessary to draw as many as 10 […]