Mozambique has been rightly considered one of the most promising new frontiers of gas production in the world, the Rovuma Basin that is located along the border of Tanzania and Mozambique is assumed to hold up to 150 TCf and most of it in Mozambican territorial waters. Yet before our very eyes Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado province, home to the Mozambique LNG project and potentially many more, is spiraling out of control under the constant onslaught of insurgents. The intoxicating feeling of a gas bonanza lurking around the corner, intertwined with sectarian overtones in a predominantly Christian country, have engendered one of Africa’s terrorist hotspots. Unfortunately for Mozambique and eventually for its population, too, the Islamic State-linked insurgency has the potential to scupper the entire nascent oil and gas industry in the country. According to UN estimates more than 700 000 people have been displaced by the conflict since October […]