Qatar Petroleum found itself in the limelight of the LNG scene in 2021, having clinched two major deals with Pakistan and China. All the while media buzz around the supply deal with Sinopec has created ripples in the news, the contract with the Pakistan State Oil Company (PSOC) was absorbed by the media community as if that were the natural state of things. The Qatar Petroleum-PSOC deal is in many ways logical – the two sides already had a 15-year supply deal, as a consequence of which Qatar has catapulted itself into the position of leading LNG supplier to Pakistan throughout the past 5 years. Rendering Pakistan’s LNG imports cheaper, at the same time guaranteeing Qatar’s prime role on the Pakistani market, the QP-PSOC deal fully reflects both sides’ preferences. Graph 1. Pakistani LNG Monthly Imports in 2017-2021 (million tons LNG per month). Source: Thomson Reuters. Pakistan is a […]