Syzygy Plasmonics, a technology company developing a high-performance photocatalyst for the industrial gas, chemical and energy industries, announced a $23-million Series B financing led by Horizons Ventures with participation from new global investors including Equinor Ventures. ( Earlier post .) Licensed from Rice University, Syzygy’s “antenna-reactor” plasmonic photocatalyst has been published in leading academic journals such as Science , Nature , and PNAS . The Antenna-Reactor is the combination of a larger light-harvesting plasmonic nanoparticle (the ‘Antenna’), and smaller traditional catalyst nanoparticles (the ‘Reactor’). Although the catalyst is important, the proprietary reactor design is what makes it work. The development of the reactor incorporates expertise from chemical engineering, optics, materials science, theoretical physics, and nanophotonics. Previous seed and Series A investors including The Engine, GOOSE Capital, and Evok Innovations also joined the round. The capital raised will fund product development, hiring and the commercialization of Syzygy’s photocatalytic reactor, which […]