A drone attack set an oil tanker off the Syrian coast on fire, the country’s oil ministry said as quoted by various media, adding that it suspected the attack came from Lebanese waters. Al Jazeera quoted a report by an Iranian TV station, which said the tanker was Iranian and had sustained some damage from the strike. Another Iranian media, however, the Tasnim agency, said, “The accident happened to another vessel … and is not linked to a ship carrying Iranian cargo.” TankerTrackers.com confirmed the tanker that was hit was not an Iranian vessel but a Lebanese one. “The tanker seen burning today off the coast of Baniyas is not an Iranian vessel, but a Beirut-registered tanker called WISDOM. She has assisted the Iranian VLCC supertanker ARMAN 114 (ex. ADRIAN DARYA-1) by offloading 300-350K barrels at a time due to depth restrictions,” the tanker-tracking company said in a tweet […]