Wranglers guide a herd of stranded cows to higher ground as flood waters rise, due to a levy break Sept. 24, 2005 in Chauvin, Louisiana. Hurricane Rita caused massive damage as it moved across western Louisiana. Credit: Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images Since the early 1980s, Dale Murden has grown citrus in the tip of southern Texas, where the Rio Grande winds through a sun-baked floodplain across the border into Mexico. Murden cruises his groves in a John Deere Gator, often accompanied by Blue and Blanca—his “wonder rescue” dogs, as he calls them—past trees he planted years ago. They are just old grapefruit trees, but over the last year they have become battle-tested companions. They’ve put up a “heckuva fight,” he says. Last summer, Murden watched as the trees struggled against a massive drought that withered leaves and fruits. Then a hurricane drove thousands of grapefruits to the ground, where they […]