The creation of Libya’s interim government has instilled the international community with tacit hopes of a decade-long conflict finally coming to an end. As it is oftentimes the case with Libya, aspirations remain alive only insofar as they are not accompanied by deadlines to be met. The interim government has a little less than 2 months to “create the constitutional basis” for the Libya’s first democratic elections of this century (assumed to take place in December 2021). The complete unpredictability of what is going to happen next has been delaying much-needed investment into Libya, with most investors (even those who happen to have equity) fearing another landslide into all-out mayhem is still on the cards. Against all this, Libya has been trying to struggle its way through another round of plummeting differentials. The force majeure, initiated mid-April by Libya’s NOC that debilitated operations at the Marsa el-Hariga Terminal (loading […]