This year looked like it would be a … windfall… for renewable energy companies with the advent of the Biden Administration and its massively expensive clean energy push. Nevertheless, solar is getting left behind unexpectedly. Year-to-date, solar module prices have risen 18 percent after consecutive years of falling into the mainstream’s grasp. One element in the solar module equation is to blame: polysilicon . Polysilicon (known more formally as polycrystalline silicon) is a high-purity form of silicon that is a fundamental ingredient in solar photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing. It serves as a feedstock for the production of today’s solar cells. Polysilicon is witnessing a severe supply squeeze. This is great for suppliers but not so great for solar manufacturers. In fewer than 12 months, polysilicon prices have jumped from only $6.19/kg up to as high as $25.88/kg. And it could travel further upwards over the next year and a half. […]