The recent overhaul of Exxon Mobil Corp’s (XOM.N) board of directors could shift billions of dollars in spending and strategy over several years, but any changes likely will take time, analysts and investors say. A quarter of directors last month lost their seats to outsiders read more , and the March appointment of activist Jeff Ubben puts a third of the 12-member board in new and more cost-conscious hands. Investors who rejected Exxon’s view of a slow transition to lower-carbon fuels also want spending to be revisited, they said. The Exxon boardroom contest shocked the energy industry and came after years of weak financial returns at the largest U.S. oil producer. Shares are up by about 50% this year as oil prices have recovered from pandemic lows. Exxon’s board has been a prestige post for former CEOs, typically without any energy experience. Critics said the practice led Exxon to […]