Few other governments are able to enforce such mass relocations as climate change is stressing communities with drought, extreme weather, higher temperatures, and desertification. Bloomberg News Children play near the Kangshun Relocation Compound in Guizhou province. Source: Bloomberg It’s the Dragon Boat Festival in early summer and Xiang Yang and his wife are sitting outside their house in Ma’an village, playing with their grandson. In front of them is a steep, bare slope, all that remains of most of the village’s rice fields, which collapsed into the valley 20 years ago. Landslides happen frequently in the region — one last year killed six people — but Xiang has declined a government offer to relocate to the city. “City people have to pay for water, for vegetables, for electricity, even for using the toilet, but a countryside man like me don’t need to pay for any of these,” says Xiang, […]