An official of Iranian Truck and Fuel Tanker Drivers’ Union said Thursday that drivers were refusing to transport fuel due to low or late payments from the government. There has been a shortage of supply in gasoline stations in recent days in various parts of the country. “The fare for transportation of fuel should be higher than other commodities but despite higher risk, tanker fares are lower,” Ahmad Karimi, chairman of the union told Tejarat News. Karimi said that many drivers whose ten-year government contracts had ended were now transporting other goods for higher fares. On June 28, the chairman of the Fuel Station Owners Association Homayoun Salehi said a shortage of gasoline was due to problems in distribution, not production in refineries. According to Salehi fuel tanker drivers owning their vehicles had swapped to transport other goods for higher payments. In a statement published on social media(link is […]