Local residents, ranchers, and farmers are opposing plans for the largest solar power facility in the San Francisco Bay Area, suing the county that approved the project and potentially opening future projects in California to opposition. While most Californians approve of the state’s ambitious clean energy goals, some people living close to proposed large projects are in the ‘not in my backyard (NIMBY)’ camp, saying that industrial-scale solar projects take up a lot of land and ruin the views. “It would be a sea of glass,” Chris O’Brien, a supporter of renewable energy but opponent of the Aramis project in North Livermore Valley, told Bloomberg . O’Brien chairs the Save North Livermore Valley group , which opposes the Aramis solar project, approved by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors earlier this year. North Livermore Valley is one of the few unspoiled scenic corridors and agricultural areas remaining in Alameda […]