Iran’s Jask oil terminal is now fully set to start loading vast quantities of crude to any major buyer in the world via the Gulf of Oman, with the first shipment of 100,000 metric tons of oil set to dock, load, and sail again within days. The significance of this new terminal can barely be overstated, as it will allow Iran to transport oil and petrochemicals from its major oil fields via Guriyeh in the Shoaybiyeh-ye Gharbi Rural District of Khuzestan Province 1,100 kilometers to Jask Port in Hormozgan province. In short, this 42-inch Guriyeh-Jask pipeline and Jask Oil Terminal build-out will allow Iran to circumvent U.S.-led sanctions against it whilst at the same time allowing Tehran the option of disrupting all other oil supplies that travel through the Strait of Hormuz (around 35 percent of the world’s total). Up until the completion of the huge Jask facility, with […]