When the International Energy Agency released its Roadmap to Net Zero report, OPEC slammed it as “destabilizing.” Russia said the IEA’s plan could push oil to $200 per barrel. Even the IEA itself said the targets in the roadmap were going to be challenging. And yet, the people who will foot the bill for the energy transition are being told nothing about challenges. Bjorn Lomborg, environmentalist and president of the Copenhagen Consensus , recently addressed this discrepancy between the public narrative and the realities of the energy transition in this article for the Financial Post. In it, Lomborg noted the paradoxical claims that, on the one hand, net-zero will be the most challenging thing humankind has ever had to do (per IEA) and, on the other, “No one is being asked for a sacrifice” (per John Kerry, President Biden’s climate envoy). “George Orwell called this willingness to espouse contradictory […]