The trillion-dollar spending package that the Senate has passed along to the House is being described as a once-in-a-generation fix for America’s deteriorating infrastructure. It should be viewed as only the first in a long series of such big investments, because Earth’s climate is changing faster than America’s existing roads, bridges and other infrastructure can withstand. In the past 12 months, weather-related events have illustrated what’s happening. Salem, Oregon, hit 117 degrees Fahrenheit. The West is coping with its worst drought on record. In February, a polar vortex drove temperatures in Texas to 50 degrees below normal. Most U.S. infrastructure was built to withstand once-in-a-century floods, fires, storms and droughts, so that only 1% of it was vulnerable each year. But those disasters now happen every 20 years or less. And our communities turn out to be far less equipped than expected to cope. Texas has still not weatherproofed […]