Firefighters are struggling to control blazes in France’s Gulf of Saint Tropez and in the Spanish province of Avila, another manifestation of dangerous global warming that’s already caused a long list of extreme weather events this summer. A wildfire burned through 5,000 hectares in France’s Var department, leading to the deployment of about 900 firefighters and the evacuation of at least 10,000 people, according to local authorities . A separate fire in Avila consumed at least 15,000 hectares, the government said. Firefighters tackle a forest fire in France’s Var department, on Aug. 17. “People have gone through really hard days as a consequence of very large wildfires associated with the heatwave we’ve just suffered,” Spain’s Minister for the Ecological Transition Teresa Ribera said on Monday . Forest fires “are something we are bound to live with as these are one of the most dramatic effects of climate change in […]