Mustafa Sanalla Photographer: Stefan Wermuth/Bloomberg Libya’s oil production is in danger of slumping again, as a political power struggle threatens to end a period of relative stability. The standoff comes at an unfortunate time for the North African country, potentially depriving it of substantial revenue as crude trades above $70 a barrel. It could also prove tricky for the global oil market, shutting some Libyan production right after Hurricane Ida halted a record amount of U.S. output. Here’s how Libya found itself in this situation, and what could happen next: What triggered the crisis? It all started in March, when the government in Tripoli set out to restore the Ministry of Oil. The department had been a weak for several years, with Oil Minister Mohamed Oun having little influence over the country’s industry. Instead, Libya’s large production and export facilities had been controlled by Mustafa Sanalla, chairman of the […]