One of Mexico’s largest oil refineries has been shuttered for weeks—only we are just now finding out about it. And oil products are now building up at the site. Mexico’s Tula oil refinery has been closed since late September, Reuters sources close to operations reported on Tuesday, as teachers protesting delayed salary and pension payments went on strike and blocked roads that the refinery uses to transport the refinery’s product—including fuel for Mexico City—away from the facility. Tula, located 90 kilometers from Mexico City, has a capacity of 315,000 bpd, and is Mexico’s second-largest refinery by capacity. But Tula (along with Mexico’s other refineries) produces only about half of that, on average. The strike has caused inventories at the refinery to build up, and those inventories have now reached full capacity, the Reuters sources said. Tula was one of the refineries earmarked by Pemex for an increase in production. […]