Tesla has delivered yet another incredible earnings report, shocking markets with its improving profit margins There is more to come from the trailblazing electric vehicle company, however, with its move to cheap, cobalt-free batteries This new battery chemistry will allow Tesla to produce cheaper and longer-lasting batteries in its new models The EV kingpin, Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) , has delivered yet another stellar earnings report that has again cemented its credentials as one of the few electric vehicle manufacturers ready to challenge the ICE hegemony. For years, naysayers and short-sellers like Citron Research were willing to bet the house that Elon Musk’s high-wire act wouldn’t end well, with the preordained denouement being a bankruptcy or a sale. But those speculations have been short-lived: The rapid-fire company has been able to inject its large-scale manufacturing capabilities into Musk’s inspired improvisation and is inching closer to its target of delivering a […]