El-Erian: demand destruction could keep oil from reaching $100 per barrel El-Erian: nobody had expected demand to rebound so quickly and so strongly Uncertainty about demand could cap oil prices Commodity analysts have been on a forecasting binge recently as oil prices climb higher amid surprisingly strong demand and unsurprisingly short supply. Most believe oil has a lot higher to go. Others have reason to doubt that. One of the “dissenters” is Citi’s Ed Morse, who earlier this week told Bloomberg that while prices will continue to rise this quarter, next year the U.S. could surprise everyone with its production growth, suggesting that we might see an end to the oil rally as more supply comes online. Another of those not sharing the strong bullish view is Mohamed El-Erian, the chief economic adviser of Allianz and chair of Gramercy Fund Management. This week, El-Erian cautioned against too much optimism […]