The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ’s calculation of modest gains in carmakers’ fuel economy last year spotlight the need for a rapid increase in electric vehicles if the industry is to meet proposed targets. The EPA reported Friday that carmakers achieved an average of 25.4 miles (40.9 kilometers) per gallon for vehicles made during the 2020 model year. That is 0.5 mpg higher than the 2019 model year and a record high, but far from the 52 mpg by 2026 that President Joe Biden’s administration has proposed, which equates to roughly 41 mpg in real-world driving conditions that typically account for about a 20% drop in fuel economy from EPA’s ratings. “Auto companies have made sky-high promises to turn out clean cars, but the EPA’s report shows they have produced very few,” Dan Becker, director of Center for Biological Diversity’s Safe Climate Transport Campaign, said in a statement. “Americans […]