A large plume of methane, the potent greenhouse gas that’s a key contributor to global warming, was spotted by satellite near a natural gas line in northeast China. The release was detected in Liaoning province near a China Oil & Gas Pipeline Network Corp. pipe that runs from the Dalian LNG terminal to Shenyang on Oct. 20. An emissions rate of 107 tons of methane an hour would have been required to generate the plume, according to an estimate from Kayrros SAS, which analyzed European Space Agency data. The detection comes as a global effort to curb methane releases accelerates during the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, with more than 100 countries signing a pledge to curb emissions of the potent greenhouse gas 30% by 2030. But some of the world’s biggest polluters including Russia, China and India haven’t joined the effort. If the release lasted an hour at […]