A U.S. judge overseeing trade issues on Tuesday overturned a decision by then-President Donald Trump to allow a reimposition of tariffs on some imported solar panels. The decision by Judge Gary Katzmann of the U.S. Court of International Trade is a defeat for some domestic manufacturers. It came one year after he ruled that Trump’s October 2020 proclamation to revoke a tariff exemption for double-sided, or bifacial, solar panels had not violated an earlier court order. Trump’s proclamation was a “clear misconstruction” of a law that permits measures to liberalize rather than restrict trade, and “constituted an action outside the President’s delegated authority,” Katzmann wrote on Tuesday. Shares of First Solar Inc (FSLR.O) , a large U.S. solar panel manufacturer, fell after the decision and were down 7.1% in late afternoon trading. The Biden administration had defended Trump, saying he acted lawfully to […]