Here is a snapshot of what’s happening with Iran, its nuclear talks and energy markets. Latest developments Russia said nuclear talks were “moving forward,” in the latest possible sign of easing tension between Iran and world powers including the U.S. “We had a productive discussion on the remaining most difficult issues to be settled,” Mikhail Ulyanov, Russia’s chief nuclear negotiator, said of a meeting with Robert Malley, the U.S. Special Envoy for Iran, on Wednesday. His comments came shortly after the U.S. allowed South Korea to send at least $63 million of funds frozen by sanctions to Iran. While that’s a fraction of the billions of dollars Iran said it’s owed for oil exports, it appeared to be a concrete achievement. Still, France warned this week negotiators are still a long way off reviving a 2015 accord that limited Iran’s atomic activities in return for sanctions relief. The U.S. […]