With the world pivoting towards net-zero emissions, the aviation industry is being forced to adapt. New startups and industry giants alike are racing to create all-electric aircrafts. While aerospace companies try to figure out the all-electric aircraft, oil majors are looking at a far less costly solution for net-zero flights. Sustainability and net-zero emissions have reached the aviation industry, where start-ups, major aircraft manufacturers, aerospace engine makers, and even NASA are developing and testing battery-powered aircraft. The world’s first all-electric commuter aircraft is getting ready for its first flight, which is expected to take place within weeks, courtesy of the company Eviation. Eviation’s Alice all-electric aircraft has a maximum range of 440 nautical miles (just over 500 miles). Battery technology is much more difficult to perfect in airplanes than in cars, not only considering the range of the battery but also the weight of the battery pack, which, currently, […]