The Russia-Ukraine conflict has affected the perception of short-term oil market dynamics. The oil market sees the security of Russian energy supplies as significantly compromised. That’s what analysts at Standard Chartered think, according to a report sent to Rigzone on Friday. In the report, the analysts noted that, while the invasion has not significantly affected their supply and demand forecasts, it has affected their perception of short-term oil market dynamics. “We had previously expected the market to undershoot to the downside around mid-2022 due to the return of significant Iranian volumes, combined with rising inventories, slowing demand growth and upside surprises in U.S. supply,” the analysts stated in the report. “We now think that concerns about the reliability of Russian energy flows will limit the mid-year price undershoot, creating a higher floor. To reflect this firmer downside support, we raise our 2022 average Brent forecast to $85 per barrel […]