A map of the Conger Ice Shelf that collapsed in Antarctica. A massive ice shelf collapsed in Antarctica, satellite imagery shows, following record high temperatures in the region. The Conger ice shelf, now identified as iceberg C-38 , broke off in the Wilkes Land region, the U.S. National Ice Center said on March 17, after temperatures hit a record high of 11 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 11.8 Celsius ) at Concordia station, more than 40 degrees Celsius above normal. It is believed to have been about 1,200 square kilometers (496 square miles), around the size of Los Angeles, and hit a tipping point during a midmonth heatwave and atmospheric river, NASA scientist Catherine Colello Walker tweeted . It is viewed as a significant event, but unlikely to have ripple effects that are widely felt. “This is just a little guy without too much punch,” Walker added . “But the process […]