Addressing the Iran nuclear deal, EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell noted “sometimes they think they’re almost there. And other days not.” That seems to be a succinct summary of what is happening with the Vienna talks. Borrell came in trying to facilitate the tail end of negotiations, but is now suggesting that Iran is the hold-up, and that the status of the Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) being removed from a terror blacklist is clearly part of what’s slowing this down . That’s a surprise, as previous reports were that the IRGC de-listing deal was separate from the Vienna deal. Iran, moreover, had issued statements suggesting the two didn’t need to be resolved at once. Here’s what Borrell said : “The JCPOA, it’s not getting to an end,” Borrell told the European Parliament after returning from a trip to the Gulf, referring to the accord formally known as the Joint […]