Libya’s Zueitina port has received its first oil tanker after temporarily lifting force majeure last week to free up storage space. While Libya’s National Oil Company (NOC) did not issue a statement, NOC sources told LIbyan media that the Melos 21 oil tanker had docked at Zueitina for loading, after which it will sail to China. Libya’ declared force majeure on Zueitina, along with its largest oil field, Al-Sharara, and the El Feel oilfield in mid-April amid anti-government protests over the way oil revenues are distributed. On April 30th, the NOC issued an urgent statement warning that the situation at the Zueitina terminal was critical, calling for force majeure to be lifted for safety and to prevent excessive damage to storage system, which can leak when crude oil levels reach a certain level, noting that bottom of the tanks cannot bear the weight. A day later, the NOC was […]