The global offshore wind industry had a record year in 2021 in terms of new capacity but is still projected to fall short of the International Energy Agency’s net zero goals by 2030, a Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) report said on Wednesday. More giant offshore turbines were installed in 2021 than in any previous year, with 21.1 gigawatts (GW) of capacity connected to the grid, the GWEC’s 2022 global offshore wind report said. The council raised its previous forecast for installations by the end of the decade by 17% and now expects 316 GW of capacity to be built by that stage. But this falls short of the 80 GW the International Energy Agency (IEA) has said the world needs to build every year until 2030 to meet net zero emissions by 2050. It also undershoots a much lower 2030 target set by the […]