MP Andrey Gurulyov said that Europe would ‘croak’ if Russia attacked its no.1 oil hub in the Netherlands. Gurulyov’s muscle-flexing doesn’t reflect Russia’s official state policy. Europe’s energy infrastructure is vulnerable to both physical and cyberattacks. A Russian politician and former regional military commander has suggested that Europe will “totally croak” if Russia militarily targets Europe’s biggest oil hub in the Netherlands. Andrey Gurulyov, an MP at the state Duma, was speaking on state TV when he said that if Russia decided to target the Netherlands, where some 40 percent of Europe’s oil is received and processed, Europe would “croak,” according to a report by Yahoo News. “No less than 40% of crude oil is imported and processed by the Netherlands in its coastal areas,” Gurulyev said. “It’s such a small spot that it would be hard to miss.” “The main supply chain is via oil tanker; we don’t […]