Tourists and locals on the waterfront in Istanbul, Turkey. Fitch Ratings downgraded Turkey’s sovereign debt rating further into junk, saying the government’s policies are contributing to “spiralling inflation” and discouraging capital inflows. The rating company lowered Turkey’s score to B from B+, taking it five notches below investment grade. The outlook for Turkey is negative, Fitch said. “Guided by political considerations, the central bank has maintained its policy rate at 14% since December 2021, despite rapidly rising inflation, the impact of the war in Ukraine on commodity markets and tightening monetary policy in most advanced economies,” Fitch wrote. The Central Bank of Turkey has kept its policy rate unchanged this year even as annual inflation surged to 78.6% in June. As a consequence, the country has the lowest real yield in the world at minus 64.6%. Instead of hiking rates to tackle soaring prices and the weakening currency, the […]