Kyrgyzstan’s state utilities company is warning of potential energy shortages as a heatwave grips Central Asia. Toktogul, a reservoir used by Kyrgyzstan and its neighbors, is currently emptying out almost as fast as it is filling up. The National Energy Holding is concerned that current consumption levels are not sustainable, “urging consumers to take a sparing attitude toward the consumption of electric power Kyrgyzstan’s state power supplier has warned of possible energy shortages as consumers set a new daily record for power consumption in summer. Central Asia is being gripped by the same heatwave blanketing much of the northern hemisphere. On July 19 electricity consumers increased consumption by around 20 percent compared to the same day over the previous two years, according to data released by the National Energy Holding. They consumed a record 34 million kilowatt hours, compared to 28 million on the same day in 2020 and […]