Biden’s Tax, Climate Plan Revived by Manchin, Schumer Senator Joe Manchin and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer have struck a deal on a tax, energy and climate bill, breaking a deadlock on the Democrats’ long-sought legislation to enact major parts of President Joe Biden’s agenda. The plan, announced by the two Democrats on Wednesday evening, would generate an estimated $739 billion in revenue, spend $433 billion and reduce deficits by $300 billion over a decade. That’s still much smaller than the Biden administration’s plans before encountering Manchin’s repeated opposition. Revenue would come from a 15% corporate minimum tax, allowing Medicare to negotiate drug-price cuts, and from boosting tax enforcement by increasing the Internal Revenue Service budget. The package would raise $14 billion from taxing carried interest, or profits made by some investment managers, at a higher rate. The surprise agreement hit just hours after the Federal Reserve announced another 75 […]