US natural gas-fired power generators are bracing for record-setting demand this week as temperatures in states stretching from Texas to Kansas and Mississippi to Missouri top 100 degrees Fahrenheit. On July 21, the US power burn is forecast to average 48.6 Bcf/d in what would be a new single-day demand record, according to data from Platts Analytics. Assuming the forecast is accurate, the new high would outpace the prior single-day record from July 2020 by over 500 MMcf/d, or about 1%. Already this month, generator gas demand has trended a record-breaking pace for July of 44 Bcf/d. Compared with July 2020, when low prices made gas a go-to fuel for power generators, demand is up about 650 MMcf/d, month to date. Compared with July 2021, generator demand is up by a brow-raising 6 Bcf/d or almost 16%, this month, data from S&P Global Commodity Insights shows. Sweltering temperatures and […]