European spot power prices fell on Thursday as German solar supply is seen rising, while French nuclear availability increased.

German baseload power for delivery on Friday was down 6.2% to 526.50 euros a megawatt-hour (MWh) at 0829 GMT.

The equivalent French price dropped 6% to 522 euros/MWh.

Electricity supply from solar sources in Germany is expected to increase 950 MW to 8.8 gigawatts (GW) on Friday, Refinitiv Eikon data showede

Daily wind power output in Germany was forecast to fall 1.2 GW day-on-day to 3 GW on Friday, while in France it was expected to climb 1.7 GW to 4 GW, the data showed.

French nuclear availability rose 2.1 percentage points to 48.5% of available capacity as the 1.3 GW Paluel 4 plant returned online following an unplanned outage.

The restart of the 900 MW Bugey 3 reactor was moved back three days to Aug. 22.

German procurement portal Ispex said in a monthly newsletter that low Rhine river levels would probably continue into November.

Since the phenomenon is seen as related to climate change, it would have to be factored into any assessments of future supply risks, it said.

Consumption in Germany was seen falling by 1.6 GW to 54.6 GW on Friday, while demand in France it was expected to rise 590 megawatts (MW) to 40.8 GW.